Gems Swap II

Gems Swap II

The purpose is to swap gems to form groups of three or more gems
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Gems Swap II is a lot more boring than its predecessor, Gems Swap. This version is very slow and boring because the excitement provided by the time-attack feeling of the previous version is now completely gone. The music is a lot more silent than before, and the rush of adrenaline it used to cause has disappeared.

As in any other Gems Swap game, the purpose is to swap gems to form groups of three or more gems of the same kind to make that group disappear and thus gain more time and points. In this version the gems graphics are brighter, smaller, and slightly more colorful. The music and sound effects have less volume than before. The levels are no longer just squared, now they have different shapes to increase difficulty and entertainment.

Despite several enhancements, the biggest downfall in the game is the new clock. In the earlier version the clock was merciless, really fast. Now it's quite slow which gives players a bigger chance to win the game. But for those players who are used to fight against the clock the game will be very boring, because you might as well go to the bathroom for two or three minutes, come back and the time will still not be over.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Entertaining
  • Easy and relaxing


  • A lot more boring than the first version
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